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    fishing chair

    I have been trying to find a mobile chair for fishing from a boat for many years, because the length and height of my w/c presents a problem for others. Also, I fish the ocean so the waves create danger the higher your center of gravity. SpinLife has a hybrid w/c that can be used for self-propulsion and transport. By taking the 24" self-propulsion wheels off the chair you are left with 4 8"casters. The back wheels have individual brakes. The chair also has anti-tippers for additional safety. I don't have the chair yet, but I think it's as good as I'm going to get. Should I need to get off the boat on to a dock or other location, I just need to put the 24" wheels and detachable footrests back on the chair with its quick release axles. I should have the chair next week, in time for our first trip of the season. I'll let you guys know how well it works.

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    Good luck with everything and definitely let me know how you make out. I love to fish too and the height of the chair can be an obstacle in various boats. I am interested to hear your story.

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    Not sure if this helps - I use one of my old Quickie Titanium wheelchairs. The cross member under the seat is about four inches back from the front seat edge. I mounted a rod holder, the kind that will mount to a railing, on the cross bar so it is right between my legs. The fishing rod sits at the perfect angle putting the reel right above the top of my knees. Not sure if you are using your own boat or not but I mounted a hydraulic lift to our cockpit deck and hold on to it if I have to. You are right about the center of gravity. I moved the wheels on the chair all the way back and put a sand weight on my foot plates to keep from tipping backwards if it gets rough. We fish the Gulf and only go out if they are calling for 1-2s but the forecast is never very accurate and you never know when things will kick up.
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    We need Pics! This thread is useless without pics
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    Sorry, DeadEye. Pics are easy enough.

    You guys make some good points. Joe, the height of the chair is 19". I use a 5" Deep Contour Jay cushion, so that will raise me another 3" or so. The chair I bought is 16" wide (extra $15 over the standard 18" width.) The narrower chair will allow me to get closer to the gunnels, and there is a bench seat to my right. The anti-tippers will give me sufficient warning to grab something if it gets gnarly.

    24/7, your solution is a little too complicated for me. I'm an incomplete para at T11, so my sitting balance is good and I have enough sensation to adjust as I need to. I live in the NE and the Atlantic does get rough, especially in the afternoon, when the wind almost always switches to the SE. Add hundreds of boats and their wakes, poor boating etiquette and distraction while catching a fish, and falling over backward is definitely a concern, hence the anti-tippers. I do spend several months a year in FL and also fish the Gulf. Because I only charter boats with inboard motors and higher gunnels, there is plenty of room in the stern for my w/c. I just pop off the footrests.

    I was on the boat yesterday and took some more measurements. I can't envision any negatives. The only assistance I should need is for someone to secure the front of the chair when I transfer to the cabin. Front brakes would be helpful, but SpinLife won't customize anything. If a big bluefish or striped bass takes my line to the other side of the boat, I now have the ability to have my fishing partners easily move the chair so I can fight the fish. In the past I have lost several big fish that have broken me off on the hull or the motor. We'll probably fish next week, and I'm expecting to have the chair before the weekend. As I said, I'll let you guys know how things go.

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    How about a Jay Protector and sit in a seat like the bass fishermen use that's up on a post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldfatdad View Post
    How about a Jay Protector and sit in a seat like the bass fishermen use that's up on a post?
    There just isn't enough fishing room in the stern for anything like that. The cabin and helm area take up a lot of the boat's size, so the fishing area is relatively tight despite the boat being a 28 footer. I'm pretty much committed to the SpinLife Hybrid chair. If there are problems, SpinLife will refund my money as long as I cover the return delivery charge.

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    We put the Medlife hybrid w/c on the boat yesterday. Although we didn't take the boat out of the slip, it looks like the chair will do everything I need it to do. I won't repeat what I've already posted, but I had my friend try to push me over backward, as that is the biggest danger for me. The anti-tippers easily prevented him from doing so. With a short boat hook pole I can reach all areas of the stern and get to where I need to go, either to better play a fish or to get to the cabin if the weather turns nasty. The real test will be on Saturday when I take my first trip, but I'm very optimistic.

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    Tried the chair on Saturday. We didn't get to the ocean because it was too foggy, but we fished the inlet. The inlet is more dangerous than the ocean due to constant boat traffic and great volumes of water being directed into a narrow channel. The chair worked better than even I thought it would. I asked the Captain to try to make me lose my balance, and he couldn't do it. He even gunned the motor without telling me (that was an accident). Without the anti-tippers I would have fallen over backwards and cracked my head on something. The anti-tippers held, and I was able to catch my balance and resume what we were doing. I don't think I will be able to add anything to this thread so ask questions or PM me.

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    Thanks for the update, glad it's working out for you.
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