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Thread: Need to know from my complaint if it will be enough to be investigated.

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    I'm sorry but it sounds like when they tested you that you had zero in your system ... so my first thought is that you're selling your drugs. Isn't that what a doc would think?

    No wonder they won't help you. I'm sorry this happened. I don't have the kind of pain you describe and can't imagine. Must be hell.
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    You are right. I could care less for the pills and prefer to cut my cord off. The problem is lack of knowledge SCI issues doctor lack of. I believe there is no money to be made so is why I can find one facility in the medicaid insurance i have that cover treatment of patient with SCI. The one I have where there was a lab error feels uncomfortable treating me because of a error. If you could see my record he praise me month after month for 18 months until this one incident that is not my fault. I live alone in a nice apartment and very responsible. Never miss a bill and very clean for 3 years. When they try to get funding or host Mayor as well congress they come to me. I can show you article of me, the congressmen and the mayor. I would not be raising these issues if I had any sense of fault but this city in which I live in has issues, corruption! Youtube Camden, nj.
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    6 blocks away from me they have methadone clinic that is cover by my insurance and easily I can be on 100 mg but its for addiction. My pain is 24 hr feeling in which I need a period of containing my pain by hrs. Every eight hrs with the right dose which is not heavy dose i am on bring my pain level down from a 10 to a 5 in which I'm content. I work hard to get in this apartment and is why I am fighting health care and if this dont work out then I will just pack up and go where doctors are more understanding down south or away from the city. Start over from a shelter before I regret and explode making head lines.
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    Where is the support, advocacy, help one to find common ground to the cause for SCI. No wonder is where many of care cure drift away leaving those moderates to socializing and constant reminders of false hope in this generation. I believe 90 % we are doom from lack of unity. Useless bringing my problems here..
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    same here methadone and benzo are a common Rx for pain patents. and opiods do work,
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