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Thread: colonoscopy

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    Clean out needed. How do others handle this?

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    In the hospital. They looked address about a year ago. I went in as an out patient the day before. They gave me a gallon of GoLytely. Inserted a catheter. Put me on a bedpan. I don't think I slept at all, but cleaned me out. Scoped the next morning...home in the afternoon.

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    I've had 3 colonoscopies one at age 50, 60, 65 and now 70. I have used GoLytely in the past, but this time the doctor has suggested Movi Prep. On the day of the prep, it is taken in two doses, one about noon and one about 6:00 PM. I plan to follow about a 3 day liquid diet before the day of the prep, and continue my regularly scheduled bowel programs. I don't rely 100% on the prep product, I also do some digital stimulation. No matter how you prep, it is a long, drawn out day. Getting fluid to run clear is essential for a good clean out. The worst possible thing that can happen is that you go through all the effort, wake up from the procedure and have the doctor tell you he couldn't see anything with the scope and you'll have to do it over.

    My procedure is Tuesday.

    All the best,

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    My former colorectal doc (now retired) had the PIE machine in his office. Made colonoscopy prep a very painless routine. It's too bad that so few practices have one.

    3. PIE (Pulsed Irrigation Evacuation) is a computerized enema system. Our trained technicians can prepare a patient in approximately 45 minutes. Minimal advanced preparation and no liquid laxatives are required. Most patients do not experience significant pain or discomfort; however, about 10% do.
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    Wow, good to know Stephen, I'm going to try and find a Doctor who uses one of those. I often wondered about that if that would work, sounds like it does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    I plan to follow about a 3 day liquid diet before the day of the prep, and continue my regularly scheduled bowel programs. I don't rely 100% on the prep product GJ
    I've had 2 colonoscopies, the first I followed standard Doc's orders with Golytely and diet, it was less than perfect.

    Last year I had a second one and followed 3 day liquid diet prep, it made things much easier and all went very well.

    I shouldn't need one for ten years but liquid diet will be the prep procedure I follow if/when time comes.

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    I use MiraLAX on a daily basis for maintenance of regularity so I was skeptical when my rectal doctor prescribed it for pre-colonoscopy cleanout. But, when you do the entire bottle over a three hour period it does work. The trick is not to get on the commode chair prematurely. But once you do then be prepared for a 1 1/2 to 2 hour session.

    After that, you will be evacuating lessening amounts over the next probably 6 to 8 hours so you will just need to be in bed on chux and have them pulled out on a regular basis by somebody. Protect your sheets and your blanket and stay hydrated since you will be evacuating a lot of water and you don't want to have a dangerous situation the next day with dehydration.

    Generally, if I start in the midafternoon, the worst will be over by 7 or so and it will continue to come out, more or less as water until probably about one or two in the morning. I don't think you need to go in the hospital, but you definitely will be someone who is going to be up most of the night. It's pretty exhausting for all involved.

    Naturally, if you cut down on solid foods a day or two before it makes it that much easier.

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    Colonoscopy done!

    Yesterday was a hard day for both NL and me. After 3 days of liquid/clear diet, i used a new cleansing prep (new to me) called MoviPrep. Instead of having to drink a gallon of awful tasting liquid, you only need to drink a half gallon of awful tasting liquid. My gastroenterologist suggested a split regimen which was 1 quart of MoviPrep starting at noon (one 8 oz glass every 15 min.) and another quart (one 8 oz glass every 15 min.) about 5:00 PM. Following each quart of MoviPrep, you need to drink an additional 16 ounces of clear liquids, i.e., broth, juice, tea, coffee, soda.

    There is an evacuation about one to one and a half hours after the completion of each quart of MoviPrep.

    We started before drinking the first quart of MoviPrep with a regular bowel program, remove stool, insert Magic Bullet, some digital stimulation. I had a typical bowel program for me and then started drinking MoviPrep. I had no voluntary reaction to MoviPrep at all. After drinking 1 quart, then 16 oz clear liquid and waiting for 1.5 hours, NL transferred me to the commode chair. Nothing happened until she started digital stimulation. Then the dam broke and a flood of foul smelling liquid erupted into the commode catch tub. Subsequent digital stimulation produced more projectile liquid.

    Having been a 3 time veteran of colonoscopy prep, NL was prepared. Sheet plastic protected walls, an 8x10 ft thick plastic tarp protected the carpet beside the bed, disposable "chucks" taped to and under the commode chair helped to deflect and absorb the violent discharges. We finished up around 9:30 PM, exhausted and glad to be finished. We don't think using MoviPrep resulted in as good a clean out as Colyte that I took 5 years ago. But, the gastroenterologist was okay with the level of clean out we achieved.

    There are just no two ways about it, prepping for the colonoscopy is not just has to be done. It didn't help at all that we arrived at the procedure center today at 8:45 AM and my procedure didn't start until 11:15 AM. My procedure took about an hour. My gastroenterologist is painstakingly thorough nothing gets by him in his scope examination of the colon.

    Full disclosure, I used ColoGuard, an FDA approved stool test kit, to detect abnormal cells in the stool. The test gave a positive result and I had to endure rigors of prep and colonoscopy. That said, my gastroenterologist said he has had 4 patients who used the ColoGuard test have positive results, had a colonoscopy and showed no signs of colon cancer disease. He is not a proponent of this Cologuard test. Too many false positives. Too much room for operator (so to speak) error.

    All the best,

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    I agree, I did not ever bother with the cologuard test, figured it would come back positive for sure and only cause me to worry more about probably nothing. I just can't get motivated to do a colonscopy though, i' ve been staying away from doctors the past few years as much as possible. I thought about calling around to see if any local doctors offices have a PIE machine, but figured it would be a waste of time as most are not going to know what I'm talking about.
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    respond to not only the
    challenges you're dealt but
    the challenges you seek...If
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    Been thinking about getting a colonoscopy. It isn't diarrhea but can't get my stool to form up enough. Don't know whether to try more fiber or less fiber. Been like this for a month and having accidents at work.

    When you drink 1 1/2 gallons of Golytely for a colonoscopy does this have an effect on your bladder amounts? Someone told me it didn't but I intermitten cath myself and am afraid I won't have any idea the amounts going into my bladder. Wish there was another way to clean myself out than drink this crap. They gave me 2 options the golytely or a gallon of some other think to drink.

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