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Thread: tire cleaning equipment

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    tire cleaning equipment

    I remember seeing in New Mobility a while back a company that makes a piece of equipment that cleans your tires. A hose is attached to it and you spin your tires on it, cleaning them. Is anyone familiar with this? I forget the name.

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    Not seen that, but I use a scrub brush.

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    Not sure if this company is still in business (website is blocked by my workplace), but give it a try:

    From New Mobility (2008)
    Sparkly Clean Wheels
    Tracking in mud after a rainstorm no longer needs to be a common affair, and no, we?re not talking about the usual hand-washing solution. We?re talking about the Scrubber, an automated wheelchair tire scrubber created by Inn2care, a mobility product company based in the Netherlands. This brilliant invention, made of stainless steel and intended exclusively for outdoor use, turns on automatically when you roll onto the Scrubber?s conveyor belt, which activates multiple top and side brushes and two spray nozzles for water after being connected to a garden hose.
    The water pressure used on the Scrubber can also be customized, as can the brushes, and it has a nice safety feature ? it uses no electricity ? with the weight of the wheelchair activating the machine instead. The cost for the Scrubber ? a cool $247.
    Check it out:


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    I like the concept of the scrubber but it wouldn't work for me for a couple reasons. The first being the front casters pickup the same dirt that would need to be cleaned off, and this device isn't capable of doing that. The second reason is by the time you get both rear tires cleaned up the chair would be soaked and dripping, not a good thing unless you wait until its dry. There's only really one practical solution if you like to go in the dirt, and that's having another chair to transfer into.

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    Good points. That is the one I was thinking about. The website says they've developed an attachment for cleaning non drive wheels. So hopefully that would solve the problem with the casters. It's definitely not ideal but might be helpful for me.

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