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Thread: My personal triumphs!

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    My personal triumphs!

    So too often do I read on here about people that say I can't enjoy life like I used to, or I cant this or can't that. While it is true life is different, that does not mean that we canot enjoy life the same or even better than before. I'm 4 years post this month, and while I still struggle sometimes with letting my old life go, I've made a choice to live my new life. I made a decision about 6 months into my injury while placing an unloaded pistol in my mouth to see how it would feel, and let me tell you that you have to open your mouth pretty damn wide! I realized in that moment that I could never take my own life. At that point I had only one choice with 2 options to go along with that choice. I chose to live. I had to then decide to live miserably and let my back pain and nueropathy, which my neuropathy is much worse now than it was then, be the driving force of my life which would have turned me into a hermit. The other choice was to embrace my new life and just take things as they come. I chose to embrace it. Yes I hurt everyday. Yes I have mental breakdowns from time to time. Who wouldn't? But I dictate those things, they don't dictate me. I have always considered myself to be a physically and mentally strong person, but that is not what keeps me going. Hope keeps me going. Hope for myself, hope for my friends, hope for my family, hope that I can live a good life. Hope is the real cure we have right now. It is not an easy thing to embrace for some, but it absolutely works and it is absolutely free!! For those of you reading this that feel like something is missing in your life, fill that gap in with hope. It is limitless fuel and is life changing. I wrecked a motorcycle, thats how I was injured. No fault of my own, and it does not dictate me. I dictate it. Otherwise I would have never hit the road again. Anything is possible with hope, and hope got me back to something I love. Here is a pic of where hope took me:Name:  spyder1.1.jpg
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Size:  79.0 KB Grab life by the horns and enjoy it ro simply gripe and stay at home. That is a choice you have to make for yourself if you decide to live. I hope that everyone out there can find the peace that I have found. It is life changing!!

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    Pictures of you riding or it didn't happen...

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    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    Pictures of you riding or it didn't happen...
    Can-am looks nice. Was wondering if youre going to modify anything? I see a higher back rest. I was looking to get one (L1 para).

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    Yes wesmaister i have some other mods as well. First let me say that this is an amazing bike!! If you can afford one, go for it! My backrest was made by smoothspyder and works as a driver backrest but can also be moved to the passenger postion by using the easy self-ratcheting bolts which i usually move it out of the way for my transfer onto it anyway and then pull it back forward to where I want it. Being a T-5 i put it a little higher. My next mod was a pair of floorboards instead of the foot pegs so my feet would not come flying off. I purchased some Web Boards, which look like spyder webs. The other mod it came with when I bought it off a lady was the ISCI handbrake, instead of the footbrake. Also it is a SE5 pushbutton transmission which is the only way we can use one. ISCI handbrake $1250 Smoothspyder Backrest $500 Web Boards $500 just for an idea of making it usable for us wheelchair users after the purchase of the bike. I was lucky and got mine with only 650 miles plus the ISCI handbrake already installed for $13,000 then the $1000 for mods. My next thing is to design a chair holder that carries my spare folding chair alongside the right of the bike. My wife will be riding alot so I can't put the manual chair rack on the back because it takes away the back seat. If i do it myself prolly another $500. There is a company north of chicago though called TRI-R Fabrication the makes a simple lever system that you can wheel your chair onto and lift it up. If you were to buy brand new for $20,000 figure on another about $4,000 or so to make it accessible and a rack of some type to carry chair. Go to you tube and type in handicap spyder. Thats where i started and got really good info. Also is a great forum to learn more. Keep in touch with your decision!! Id be glad to help!!

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    So you are either joking around or you are an asshole. Either way I will have my very beautiful wife, which there is a pic of me and her in my profile in case you want more picture proof, take a pick of me on it and in the process of a transfer next time I go riding so you can have your proof.

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    Relax Boztick, "pictures or it didn't happen" is a joke. I go on a ukulele site showing off my new ukes and "sound sample or it didn't happen" is common saying.

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    Good for you. Would love to have one, but first want an accessible suv. I would love to see how you transfer onto it. Sounds like your injury level is close to mine...I'm t3.

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    haha I was hoping it was just a joke but also wanted to respond if it wasn't. I'm not too hip on forum lingo or etiquette. As you can see I have posted less than 50 times to this site and like 3 times to another site. Anyway sorry funklab, no disrespect inteded, well only I guess if it was intended towards me first lol! I will still post some pics if people are interested in how the transfer works to and from the Spyder, well the way I do it anyway. Trailerrailer on youtube (type handicap spyder then look for the name trailerrailer under description) has an awesome video showing how he does it. I prefer to put my leg over the seat first then transfer where he just pops on first then pulls his leg over. I am 6'4" so I have alot more leg to pull over which makes his way kinda hard. I just do what works best for me. Thanks Patrick for educating me on a long list of forum talk I do not understand ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarantella View Post
    Good for you. Would love to have one, but first want an accessible suv. I would love to see how you transfer onto it. Sounds like your injury level is close to mine...I'm t3.
    Well pretty close anyway I am a T-5. I took me 4 years to save for mine so I get where you are coming from. I bought my 2013 Silverado with the SVM lift system a few months ago before I bought my bike as well. I just got lucky and found a great deal. I found it on in the 4-sale section. They also have a section of the forum called "enabled riders" and that is where i met lots of other people with disabilities and how they rigged their spyder to work for them. I hope you can get it one day, it has once again opened the road back up to me in the way that I love to travel it. So much so that I came here to make a post about it and the life decisions i made since injury that allowed me to get back in the saddle again.

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    You did get an awesome price, by the way. Jealous...if I could find one for that price, I'd think long and hard.

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