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Thread: Clinitron rite hite air fluidized therpay bed for sale!

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    Clinitron rite hite air fluidized therpay bed for sale!

    I have a used (barely) clinitron rite hite air fluidized therapy bed for sale. This bed brand new per hill rom is 51,896.00! It is an excellent bed that is wonderful at preventing/healing ulcers. Bed is in excellent working condition. Bed was used by one patient for a brief amount of time. This is the bed that does not have wheels to roll it. The bed has already been completely taken apart for easy delivery/set up. Bed comes with everything (no missing parts). I am willing to deliver the bed via u haul as well as set it up but I will have to charge a bit more money if you choose to do this. Otherwise it can be picked up from my house and you will have to set it up. Bed fills with about 600 pounds of special sand (I have all the sand in bags). If you are interested and have any questions at all please email me at Asking 40,000 for the bed however this is just simply a starting point as the price is indeed negotiable so shoot me an offer. I can send pictures of the actual bed in its disassembled state upon request. If I had to compare the bed to a car as far as use it would be a car with merely 1,000 miles on it as it wasn't used by this person for long. Patient did not pass away in this bed if that is a concern. Bed has been sanitized well and the patient that used it did not have any contagious skin diseases. There is one or two small stains on the lining of the bed that wont be noticeable once bed is put together. Will not come with bed sheets. A link to the description of the bed is provided so check it out it is a wonderful, wonderful bed and would be great to have in the home especially for long term use!
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    Bed is still available I may be scaring people with the 40,000 price lol but as stated this is just a starting point as the bed price is negotiable ill change the starting point to 18,999 but this is still negotiable!!! also this is a clinitron at home bed (does not have the wheels) i thought it was the rite hite but I was misinformed sorry for this email me at the with any questions/offers thanks!

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