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Thread: Help for "Mom" that is my caregiver

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    Help for "Mom" that is my caregiver

    As a newly injured para, I came to find several forums...this one included. My first experience was shocking... the members were rude and insensitive... I am going to be very careful as to what I say, who I respond to and who I allow to speak unkindly to me. Lesson learned. However, this question is, what forums are available to caregivers? Is there a specific group within this forum for caregivers.

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    I don't know of any specific sub-forum for your Mom, however this is a great community for people wanting assistance. I expect somebody who can help will be along.

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    I'm the wife of a paraplegic husband. He's not independent so I'm also a caregiver.
    You posted in the Caregiving Community forum which would be a great place for your Mom to ask questions or share what she's learned.
    I registered as a member and identified myself as a caregiver on the profile section.

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    We have this forum, which is public, and another forum that is private. It was set up so that caregivers could talk to each other without the person they care for reading their posts too. To join the other forum, your mom must post at least 30 times on the CareCure forums, and then apply per the directions in this "sticky" thread:

    Re: your complaints about our forums. You need to take a close look at your first few posts, which were adversarial and judgmental from the get-go. That could explain the reaction you got from long-time members. Chill out a bit.


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    Some of the caregivers have found that Facebook lends itself better for caregiving discussions. There is a private Facebook group that if you PM me your mother's e-mail address she can be added to the group by the admin of the FB group.
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    I doubt this person is coming back as they have apparently been exposed as a troll...


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