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Thread: SCI functional return?

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    SCI functional return?

    Van Dyken-Rouen is excited about the Reeve Foundation?s groundbreaking research in epidural stimulation, which can restore voluntary movement for those who suffer from spinal cord injuries. ?This is the first time that anything has happened where someone who is paralyzed can not only stand up but that they get their bowel, bladder, and sexual function back,? she said. ?That is huge.?

    Does anyone know about this or is it just an incomplete injury getting critical care in a timely manner?

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    If you do a search for epidural stimulation on this forum you'll find plenty of information on what she's talking about.

    The four people mentioned in the video that got voluntary movement and standing, and allegedly bowel, bladder, and sexual function back were two ASIA A's and two ASIA B's that were all 2-4 years post injury.

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