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Thread: One question survey for wheelchair users

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    One question survey for wheelchair users

    Did you ever get a pressure sore from a roho cushion?

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    I have a low profile for driving and a high profile for my wheelchair. I have never had a pressure sore due to the cushion.

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    Been using them for 25-30 years. No sore.
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    What is your point and why are you asking this?
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    Only when it leaked. I have a Hybrid Elite, and because the bladder is mostly out of sight, I only check it when I transfer. I had a slow leak last Tuesday some time after 5, and when I transferred to bed about 9:30 it was flat. Left side healed up in 2 days, but I had a flap on the right 12 years ago, and it looks like I still need another day or so to heal that side. Staying in bed SUCKS! I'm glad it was not worse.
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    I have had a number of clients who got pressure ulcers sitting on a Roho, and not just because it deflated. It is not a guarantee to prevent pressure ulcers...there are many other contributing factors such as poor nutrition, not doing weight shifts, etc. etc.


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    In my 6 years no if it was properly inflated. I did get one however when i neglected to inflate it properly once.
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    I work in a wheelchair service and issue roho cushions as well as many other types of cushion. Generally people only get problems if there is a puncture and they don't notice, but it's still important to do weight shifts, take care of continence and be careful not to graze the skin during transfers etc.

    I am careful who I issue a roho cushion to because of the risks associated with sitting on it while deflated, I don't issue it to clients who aren't 'switched on' enough to notice if it went flat. There are so many other things to consider though.

    We have had some success with healing sores on roho cushions - clients who refuse to stay in bed. It takes a lot longer and is far more risky but it is possible to heal a sore while still sitting on a roho or other very high pressure relief cushion.

    Why are you asking the question? have you had an issue with a sore on a roho?

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