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    How are stairs usually dealt with in a fairly large house basement and upstairs from main floor for a quadriplegic in a electric wheelchair?
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    Are the stairs a straight run, or switchback? The latter is much more expensive and difficult to set up. An elevator is really best, but if that is not possible, a platform stair lift should be considered. Not cheap. Often it is cheaper to consider moving.


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    Both type stairs straight for the basement, spiralish to upstairs.

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    In general, approximately how much do these stair lifts cost?

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    Anyone know, are we talking 10,000 or 50,000

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    Depending upon the actual situation, between $10,000-20,000 for one staircase for a two story home. Platform lifts are generally more expensive than lifts that require you to transfer from your wheelchair onto a seat.


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    Well I can't transfer, so I'll need a platform unfortunately. Thank you for info

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesMcM View Post
    Well I can't transfer, so I'll need a platform unfortunately. Thank you for info

    I am getting a quote for outside its about 10000 for a landing and 22 feet gulf coast in fl

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