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Thread: failed fusion..?

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    failed fusion..?

    Just had a revision of insturmentation, was fused t11 t12 , now I'm fused t10 thru L2 , with a kyphosis centered on the collapse of the t12 vertabra..
    posterior lateral bone graft from t10 thru L2..
    latest ct scan reads ... There is no evidence of solid bony fusion across the facet joints or solid fusion across the bone graft along the posterior elements..
    my question is this pseudoathorisis..??

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    It can be considered this if chronic. Are they planning on more surgery to correct it?


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    Hi thank you for replying.. I just had revision of insturmentation this past October 2014..and this is the first ct scan.. so I'm not sure what neuro surgeon is going to say , judging by what ct scan says this is a failed fusion..
    with more time could this heal on its own..?

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    I am 12 years post injury .. t12 complete.. but can walk and was trained to walk with or without afo's , walker or forearm crutches... for now my training is on hold do to pain at the t12 injury site..
    basically I'm hinged on the hardware I'm presuming ..?

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    So I'm unsure about surgery .. my guess is I will need more surgery , with the removal of the t12 vertabra and insturmentation anteriorly

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    This is a big surgery, but if the non-union is putting you at risk of causing cord or nerve root impingement (possibly causing you further impairment) you probably need to go ahead. This is something I would recommend getting a second opinion on just to be sure that your only option is surgery.


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    Lately I have been noticing and increase in pain and numbness and do feel less capable..
    I know what's already happened is irreversible..

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    Really do appreciate your input.. thank you .. healthcare is very difficult to navigate

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    This is the result of a really bad burst fracture and initial not well thought out fusion.. also had a syrinx and shunting , untethering of the cord surgery 2012.
    also revision of hardware this past October..
    I'm questioning if I would even be considered for a forth surgery..?

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