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Thread: comparing mri"s when previous mri was with contrast and recent one without contrast

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    comparing mri"s when previous mri was with contrast and recent one without contrast

    The MRI place that i have used for the last couple years performed a MRI of my lumbar area, an area i had surgery on in 1995, and 2001. This MRI was performed without contrast.
    i had asked them about contrast when I made the appointment, since i thought i had contrast the last mri at the same place, they said i didn't have contrast the last time and they scheduled this mri without contrast The MRI reading basically didnt say a lot, , which in my case is odd, 2 surgeries, 1995 =l4,,l5 lamy and discectomy, 2001- l4l5 /l5s1 lamy discectomy, = final cauda equina syndrome
    i found the previous mri from that place and sure enough i had contrast, as all previous MRI ,due to scar tissue - i have no hardware in my lumnar. so my previous physiatrist and neurosurgeon told me the MRI's showed bone on bone and major nerve root problems due to my body's movements and daily activities .

    i wonder how the MRI place can compare the non contrast one to the previous contrasted ones, and say no change.
    seems like they didn't look at the previous MRI they did, since i am the only one that knows i had contrast ,
    They really seemed different this time,like new owners and not the same quality
    cauda equina

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    I would take this issue up with the doctor who ordered the MRI - present your questions to him/her exactly as you've written them here. Even assuming that your injuries and operative areas are visible with or without contrast, you have been given conflicting information and you don't know whom to believe or whether you can trust the result. That's unacceptable, given how much MRIs cost, how hard it is to get them in some areas, and how nervewracking it is to wonder what's going on diagnostically.
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions

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    well that is another problem, i told him last week at the appointment that the previous MRI had contrast. i didn't get a reaction.
    cauda equina

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    Wow, that is so frustrating! Short of calling the office and posing the question again, or asking for a second opinion from another radiologist, I don't know what more you can do. Honestly, I am flabbergasted by what patients have to go through to get straightforward, consistent answers.
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions

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    i guess reddit is the place to go for med questions/ answers
    cauda equina

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