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Thread: I am a little worried

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    I am a little worried

    spinal injury here and been having severe constipation last month. Spoke with nursing on here and at Craig and went in for doctor visit and x ray. Doctor suggested I would have to use a lot of different laxative type stuff to try and break it up. That was 2 weeks ago and I am still taking magnesium citrate and miralax and lactulose. I have small liquid bowel movements right after I take one of those meds then that's it till next dose. Any ideas about how I can blow it out?

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    How much and how often are you taking these? Are you also still eating and drinking plenty of fluids? Liquid stool like this often is seen oozing around a large impaction. What did the Xray of your bowel show?


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    doctor said xray showed impaction blockage. Fluid level intake a about the same, I have increased drinking because of liquid stool and eating a lot of raw vegetables. I was taking med laxatives every other day but took 3 bisacodyl pills yesterday and have had 3 very runny BM no substance. Wish there was a magic pill I have to stay home close to bathroom

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    I recommend you try this:

    1 full bottle of magnesium citrate (it is best if iced) now. Repeat every 6 hours if you don't have a large BM.
    1 tablespoon of Lactulose every hour (start now) when awake until you have a large BM.
    Repeat the bisacodyl tablets in the morning.

    Do your regular bowel care daily along with the above.


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    thanks .... been fighting this all day so will relax tonight and start the above suggestions tomorrow morning.

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    Bowel issues are the worst. Good luck!

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