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Try contacting Coloplast directly at 1-855-605-7594. But, be aware, you may have to be very persistent. I have found that they don't return calls or respond to emails very quickly. When I was trying to find information, I finally wrote a letter to Kim Herman, US President Chronic Care at the Coloplast USA Headquarters, 1601 West River Rd N, Minneapolis, MN 55411. Soon after I sent the letter, I received a phone call with help and answers to my questions.

Who did your initial training to get the Peristeen system in the first place?
Thank you for that info. I’ve actually spoken with their Peristeen Advisors a few times. They’ve made a few suggestions but they’re reluctant to get into any in-depth advice as they are not clinicians themselves. It seems that my problem is beyond the usual issues they deal with.

My GI doc that helped me get my Peristeen hadn’t been trained with the Peristeen so I didn’t have in-depth training from a clinician that has deep experience with the system. Before I started using the Peristeen I had originally asked Coloplast for docs in New England who had been trained and they couldn’t give me any leads. That’s why I ended up working with my doc to get my Peristeen from Canada and is also why I’m still looking for a Peristeen clinician to consult with now, after the fact.