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Thread: Wheelchair suggestions. New in group

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    Question Wheelchair suggestions. New in group

    I am using a wheelchair i got from the hospital but it is very big , legs go to much in front and i have it hard to use it.

    I am 19 years old , ex-athleete so I think I would need a lighter one to work out in my home. I was suggested Tilite but I need it to be small and foldable so I can take it in car with me.
    Would appreciate if I got any model that would fit my needs so I can order.

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    What kind of car?
    What ground will you use it on? Hard surface like concrete or soft like grass?
    Most modern chairs come apart easily to fit in a car.

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    I have a audi a3 in which I ride as a passager but I am thinking to buy a smart brabus cabrio in which I can put it in the passager seat or in the back of the car.
    I will have to use it in concrete, home so I dont want it to be completely portable just to fold in half so I can also remove the tyres and it can fit easily in my car.

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    TiLite makes great chairs. I own an AeroZ, which is rigid; the build quality is fabulous. TiLite does make folding chairs (i.e., TX, 2GX, AeroX); I've read they are great, too.

    Because you're so active, please reconsider rigid. A good rigid chair (e.g., TiLite) will run circles around a hospital chair, and be quite portable - if you've never experienced a well fitted high-quality rigid chair, you'll be amazed; it'll feel like part of you.

    If you're not sure of your measurements and/or don't have access to a quality seating clinic, consider an Icon Wheelchair (super adjustable quality rigid).
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    I will check the rigid chairs of Tilite but it is hard to choose.
    I only want the chair to be good for fitness and to be a little foldable.
    I am not going to move too much on streets. About the sizes I was measured in Germany where I had my medications and I think I was 40x40 at the seat but I will measure again.

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    I would highly suggest a rigid chair much lighter than a foldable and the back can fold down as well as the wheels coming off. I am able to fit my aero R in the front seat of my toyota corolla. A 40x40 sounds way too big for you unless you are around 400-600 pounds. I would just from your avatar guess around maybe a 17x18 maybe i at 200 pounds am a 20x18. There are good measurement tips here in previous posts if you do a search on that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smashms View Post
    A 40x40 sounds way too big for you unless you are around 400-600 pounds. I would just from your avatar guess around maybe a 17x18 maybe i at 200 pounds am a 20x18. There are good measurement tips here in previous posts if you do a search on that.
    I think 40 x 40 might be the measurement in cm, I know it's hard to comprehend the measurement system used by the majority of the world

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    I suspect that being in Albania, the 40X40 is in centimeters, not inches.


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    I think 40x40 is in centimeters (16?16 in ).
    I dont know it Panthera wheelchairs are available in Albania but they are very popular in Poland among active wheelchair users. They are made in Sweden, they have different models but for someone young and active Panthera u2 light is probably most appropriate.
    Poland and Sweden have a non profit organization called Foundation for Active Rehabilitation. Sweden had international component to it but somehoe j cant find any info on that anymore. It is a program that helps people with sci to learn to function in the " new reality " . They have a week long training camps run by instructors with disability that teach people cathing, dressing, wheelchair riding techniques such as curb jumping or stair climbing plus a lot of sports . may be if you email someone would know anything about the Swedish international program or may be Poland has international component as well.

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    What athlete where you? What would you like to do?
    What is your injury?
    Who/how will the chair be paid for?
    A Smart car is very small. If you become active in athletics again you may get more than one chair. People here play tennis, race bicycles, race chairs. You may need to carry more than one chair.
    Almost any chair will fit in the A3.

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