Hi All

I ordered my new ZRA on Monday and can't wait for it to be ready. But I forgot to look on the demo chair at where the velcro is. I currently have an underseat pouch that I made on my sewing machine. It fixes onto my current chair using velcro onto the front of the seat canvas and more velcro wrapping round the crosstube.

My new ZRA will be 16" x 17" and will have the standard bolt on seat sling. Anyone know where the velcro will be and which type (soft or hooks)? I can see from pictures that the top of the sling has a 2" strip of velcro running front to back on each side. I assume that is soft rather than hooks? How far apart would those strips be on a 16" chair? Is there any velcro on the underside?

Also, is the crossbar a standard distance from the front of the seat? How far is it?

I'd like to be able to make my new seat bag before the chair comes so I'm all set to use it straight away, so any help would be much appreciated if possible.