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Thread: Clinitron At Home Air Fluidized Bed for sale

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    Clinitron At Home Air Fluidized Bed for sale

    Please email me at if interested in a Clintron Air Fluidized bed. This bed kept my father's skin intact with no sores or wounds. It's excellent.

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    Is bed still for sale or does anyone know where I can find one, my brother is in desperate need of one. Thanks

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    Unlikely it is still available, and the OP has not visited this site since 4/4/15. Did you e-mail using the address posted??


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    If you are in need of a Clinitron contact Star Medical (610-554-3367). They have filled the void left by Hill-Rom when they got out of the home market. Star has a team of professionals that will be able to provide and service the bed that you need. They will also help you get the coverage approval through your insurance provider. I've had recurring issues with pressure sore and subsequent muscle flap surgeries over the years and was able to get a bed through them. They worked with me and helped me out prior to being able to get coverage through my insurance. They will work with you to get you what you need as soon as you need it.

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    Roho Selectaire Max low air loss mattress

    I have one looking to sell!
    I don't know how to post a photo but it was my husbands- a quad- he died 2 months ago after a courageous battle C3/4
    it undulates and keeps skin perfect

    never had an issue with it - works perfectly
    purchased 4 years ago- please email me
    Selectair Max by Moxi/Roho
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