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Thread: Buying pants

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    Question Buying pants

    It's such a pain trying to locate pants that are comfortable, fit right and look decent enough. Finding them with elastic or stretchy waistbands, no back pockets or belt loops is even harder although they can be removed without too much difficulty if need be. Does anybody have a good lead on where to find some? Thx.

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    Why no belt loops or back pockets? Regular pants have served me well since injury. The only problem I ever had was an abrasion on my sacrum from thick, stiff jean cloth. People have been victims of rivets, leather patches and other adornments. Other than those kinds of hazards, I do not see anything to fear from regular pants. As a quad, however, I do not know if mine are comfortable or not. As wongas I do not get AD when I put them on they are comfortable to me. lol
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    Thx SCI-Nurse.

    55 - belt loops and pockets can pose sources for pressure issues. I had a bad one once from sitting on a pocket button. My wife removes them now.
    Rick Goldstein
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    Yeah, I think the female SCI'ers have more choices in this area with the popularity of yoga pants, jeggings, leggings and maternity jeans.

    Might be worth just buying what you like and bringing them over to a tailor to make adjustments. They have the heavy duty machines that can handle jean if needed too. We use tailors quite often and they are surprisingly reasonable.

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    Like, KLD suggested, IZ Adaptive has some great options. Most comfortable pants I've worn since my injury. Even better than Rolli-Moden.

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    For jeans in my opinion endless abilities are the best (I also like their camo pants). For work pants I like IZ Adaptive, they also have some gray camo sweats I use for sleepware which are nice.

    FWIW, I have bought jeans from USA, IZ and EA. I have an order with Rolling Elephant's but havn't sent in my measurment's yet.

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    Walmart just started carrying a brand of men's wheelchair jeans; online only. I think price was $30-$ for wheelchair specific pants

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    I like Lucky jeans, soft and thin. def remove pockets rep
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