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Thread: wheelchair shower

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    wheelchair shower

    Dear friends,

    I'm looking for a not very expensive "portable wheelchair shower". Do you have any recommendations for me? I'm looking for something that can be packed or easy to assembly.

    Also I'm not sure that I'm using the right keywords, because when I'm searching for "portable wheelchair shower", I get portable showers and not wheelchairs.

    I'm a quad, so I need it for bowel stuff not only for showering

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    Amramp carries a portable shower. I don't know about price.

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    Shower or shower CHAIR?

    For a portable shower stall, this is the only one I am familiar with. You could not use this for bowel care though (without using the commode bucket and emptying it into a toilet) as you cannot discharge stool through this drainage system:


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Shower or shower CHAIR?
    Ty KLD,

    I need a shower chair. More exactly a portable shower chair

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    Not necessarily what I would consider inexpensive, but you should look at the products from these companies. You didn't specify if you need a rolling shower/commode or a stationary one, nor any other features you need:


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    I'll need a rolling shower, but with small wheels. I'm a quad so I'll need assistance in bathroom anyway. Also, I think that I have to speciffy that the cushion has to be a good one, because I'll spend ~2 hours on it.

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    Both the companies above make shower chairs with good cushions.

    Did you look at the Nuprodx 4000 series of shower/commodes? They all have small wheels. The 4000tx is designed for travel, since it appears that is one of your criteria.

    For Goes Anywhere, it would probably be this model. Also a well cushioned seat:

    If you don't need it for travel, then you might also want to consider this company:


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    Nuprodx offers custom cushion upgrades for cover material and padding.
    They also have 4000 Tilt model that may be of interest to you. You'll need a plan for skin pressure relief with 2 hours of sit time.

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