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Thread: Regaining hand strenght

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    Regaining hand strenght

    First to show that grip strength and sensory/motor function can be improved in people with chronic SCI by using a task practice based therapy that influences the neural circuitry for controlling arms and hands.

    I pasted this from the Miami Project web site. Does anyone know what these task practices are?

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    Did you e-mail anyone from the Miami Project?

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    Could be a single type of therapy or multiple types combined. Saebo makes several different devices as well as Hocoma. It could also be something novel that Miami has developed. As Tomsonite replied, the best way to find out is contacting the researcher in Miami. Though if it is something they are developing they might not be too forthcoming.

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    Tomsonite & Snowman,
    Thanks for the reply. I was really hoping that someone might be in the program from this site. I found out resently my nephew has a friend that goes to medical school at Miami U.. I'll see if can find out something. My sister told me that he told her that he has been doing something with the sci unit and he was amazed at the progress.

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