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Thread: London & Paris airport transportation

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    Quote Originally Posted by landrover View Post
    … I found accommodations in both cities that had clearance under the bed for my lift…
    Good luck on your planning! I'll be checking here because I want to visit both cities soon.

    My question to you is about hotels with clearance under the beds for the lift. Do you actually find such accommodations anymore? I ask because we always reserve or call ahead asking whether the bed is on a platform, and are always frustrated when we arrive. It doesn't matter who we talk to or what terminology we use, they don't get it and the results are anger and wasted time. We have given up on hotels in the U.S. So how do you negotiate around this issue? Are there directories that actually list this specific kind of information?

    Thanks and happy travels!

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    I think you can have the information by looking the picts on their website… But I think many of the beds in the french hotels have this clearance… In any case the best is to ask in the hotel itself, and not to talk only with the central booking system if they have one. In many cases, the adapted bedroom can have some specificities, and the central booking isn't aware.
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