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Thread: Heated rice bag for shoulder pain

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    Heated rice bag for shoulder pain

    As a wheeler for decades, a few years ago developed chronic pain in one shoulder. Went through a course of PT which was somewhat helpful and continue light stretching. However, two years ago my sister made me a small rice-filled bag she made, using ordinary cotton fabric. It's about 8" X 4", (no you can't chill it or get it wet unless you want a meal). It's placed in the microwave - I set it for 2 minutes, but then let it cool down a bit.

    I'm Polio paralyzed, have sensation, so serious caution advised for where this bag sits on someone with sensation loss.
    I began using it on front of my shoulder about 40 minutes, twice a day, faithfully. At the time I got it I was using ice or heat packs, and Motrin about 3 or 4 times a week, and especially if going out for the whole day.

    In addition, I got a ZX1 two years ago, and have used it whenever I go outdoors.
    So far I have not used the Motrin for past 3 months, and have not had any pain in my shoulder. I must be very carefully, however, using my left arm. No lifting items from the floor or anything overhead. I try not to put my arm out to the side if carrying anything, even a coffee cup. I know what seems to cause trouble.
    Just wanted to post this, knocking on wood, as my shoulder pain seems finally under control. I have found that healing takes a long time, but it happens.

    I don't use the ZX1 indoors, but outdoors it has totally helped me get around. I feel that the heated rice bag has really helped too, and glad I got away from the ice!

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    I use a similar type of bag for the arthritis pain in my neck. It is important to learn how much to heat it. Even then be careful; if the rice concentrates in one area, you can get a hot spot. There's a number of videos on youtube if you're interested.

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    Nice videos! Thanks. I was thinking I could use a sock, but used fabric instead, and had to get out the sewing machine. The sock video was great and nice looking without a brand name showing.

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