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Hi Rob, At the time I ordered my frame there was no additional charge for the custom taper. That may or may not be the case today -- the only way to find out is to submit an order form and see what the quote returns. As for the welded wheel lock receivers, the most current MSRP from TiLite was $1075.12. We (Bike-On) would discount that by 30% or so.

If you're buying your next chair out of pocket -- and judging from recent threads on this forum it's rare to find an insurance carrier who will pay for a titanium frame wheelchair -- please consider me (Bike-On). You can email me at stephen@bike-on.com if you'd like to explore this further.
I like those wheel lock mounts. Are they only for scissors locks? How do you request that on the order form or is that a part of Designs Unlimited?