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Thread: neuro hell

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    Arndog.. Thank you , I was doing some research and had some very positive leads that pointed to ucsf ... it's reassuring to hear you repeat that.. I do what I can to follow up with that..
    I to would be happy to get grid of the t11 t12 nociception pain , so I can better handle the neuropathic pain..
    At least then I could get back to training and trying , instead of every time I try I just hurt myself...

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    Just an FYI to those who might be interested in the constant pain I have in my right shoulder blade. After meeting with a 3rd neurosurgeon this week we are finally get to the source of my pain and take care of it. I have a herniated disc between C4 and C5. As a result there are some bone spurs that are aggravating that nerve coming out of that area. To eliminate this aggravation of the nerve, we are going to remove the disc and insert a piece of bone thereby fusing C4 and C5. The surgery will be done by entering through the right side of my throat. Consequently, I will not have to have my hardware removed. I'm not sure if he is going to put in a small plate in to hold everything in place until they fuse together or just hope everything stays in place and fuses together.
    C5/C6 since 2007 due to car accident

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    I have not been on lately , I just don't know what to say anymore , I'm so tired of suffering & loosing out on life..

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    Same old neuropathic hell ... Dr.s think they know , will they know very little .

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    Freespin 71,

    Are you in a state or country that has legalized marijuana for medical use? That may be one of your last options. I have had the surgery I talked about in this a little earlier in this thread. At this time I've only seen a very modest improvement in decreasing pain in my right shoulder blade. I will be meeting with the neurosurgeon who did this option, in a couple of weeks. At that time I'll have an x-ray or two to make sure everything is still in the right place and new bone growth is seen. Personally, I think some thing has moved. Let's hope not.
    C5/C6 since 2007 due to car accident

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    DaDutchman; I just had that surgery done except he mended C-3 to C-4 to C-5 to C-6 I can see whet looks like a ladder going up the wall that is my cervical spine. This was done in Wilmington NC a Doctor Rose who works for an Orthopedic Outfit called Ortho-Wilmington. I am quite pleased with the results so far, however he went into the left side of my throat, not the right. He did not do C-6 to C-7 or C-2 to C-3 both are messed up but not quite rising to the level he wanted to do them. That whole issue of being affected enough to fix them, is somewhat mystifying. However, until last spring I had no clue that my cervical spine was screwed up. My lower back and legs were the most of the problems with my shoulders creating misery in my upper body.

    Well it turns out yes mt shoulders are torn up and a solution is worse than the problem including an extremely long recovery period. That is no answer at all. however after nearly 50 years, maybe just maybe, some relief might come from some repairs to be done on my lower back as well. In one week I will get a MRI and then he will assess whether it is truly worth the risks involved to attempt this repair job. And yes I do and have had mild balance problems for all that half century as well. I learned how to compensate. Half a century ago there was no one answering my questions, let alone attempting to help me. Hopefully in another half century this sort of issue will be simply resolved. One can but hope for better for my grandchildren. If they are like their GrandPa and their mother they will likely push the limits.

    I have settled it within myself that I will never live another day without pain, it is only a matter of HOW MUCH, and "can I stand it?"

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    Need help .. every time I try to do Physical therapy all I do is cause more neuropathic pain.??
    I've tried just about all they usual meds and none traditional and I just feel as if my pain is getting worse ..
    I'm having to lay down most of the time due to pain..
    This blows

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Sullivan View Post
    I have settled it within myself that I will never live another day without pain, it is only a matter of HOW MUCH, and "can I stand it?"
    I keep thinking that I have arrived at this point of mental resignation as well but what good does it do? I hurt so much this morning, it took 3 hours to get out of bed & dressed and I'm "only" a para! Now I feel like crawling back in to weep. This is my 38th year with central neuropathic pain. In all that time, I've never found a sustainable method for influencing my suffering - not expecting to eliminate it, even. I've got no answers, only pain and suffering for all my years post injury. I've tried every pharmaceutical, natural and physical treatments which have all failed to help and leave me with a severe case of desperation.

    Daughter just showed up & I will leave for my volunteer job in 3 hrs. That stuff should help in the distraction department but still I just want it all to stop any way possible. I "stand it" only by remembering I have family and friends who would be so deeply hurt by my demise that I just couldn't do it to them intentionally. So I take another pain pill and endure another day of my entirely too-long life. It blows big ones. I feel for all of us.

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    Pain is consuming , every part of the day .
    I used to look for the things that trigger my pain , lately I've just come to the point that it's pointless to even try and figure what triggers it , I never without pain ..

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    Wake up in pain , take a pill , mutitle thru my morning routine , take another pill , try and accomplish something , take a other pill , go lay down in pain , wait till it bed time , take another pill...
    End of the day , why am I taking these meds if I'm still going to end my day as it starts , in pain..

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