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Thread: neuro hell

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    I'm with everyone here. It's an art and science finding the right mix of meds to manage this relentless hell.

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    This is Elby in Colorado. What strain did you use in your cannabis extract? The strain I used messed with my spasticity but helped with the pain, I'm actually going to Denver soon to experiment. Thanks I actually have high hopes.

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    I use serotonin cream along with gabapentin and it has helped,you just rub a bit on your skin every night before you go to bed and it has halved my neuro pain.
    Do not take serotonin casuals or tablets as they will give you diarrhea,the seritonin cream also gives you a good nights sleep. It works for me........................

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan View Post

    Between the upper back pains, shoulder blade issues, and constant balance problems (tipping to the left and always bending forward), I don't even want to get out of bed anymore.

    I've had pain in my shoulder blades right from the time of the accident. I remember asking numerous times for something to take away the pain while in ICU. Not too long after I got home it was my right shoulder blade that was giving me the most trouble. While doing outpatient therapy my PT decided to try Biofeedback on my legs at first. During one session I had her place the muscle sensing electrode on the area that was bothering me on my right shoulder blade. Upon doing so the reading went off the scale on the monitor. This indicated that my source of pain was, and still is, an overactive muscle. The pain is essentially the muscle cramping up. Over the next several years I was on an opium based pain killer program to try and alleviate this pain. During this same time from I try acupuncture and Botox to get rid of it. The Botox worked a little bit, but became ineffective after about the third round of injections. At night I would take 10 mg of valium and quite frankly that worked the best. It should though because the valium relaxes everything plus it helped me get some sleep.

    In December of last year I had to do a quick detox of all opium based products, including valium, because I became hypersensitive to them. After the detox I was put on Suboxen. Not really sure what the suboxen was suppose to do, but it didn't touch my shoulder blade pain. Investigating further I reached the point to try a 3 rounds of a nerve block injection at the C5 vertebrae. After the second round the doctor told me that he saw what appeared to be a bone spur in the canal that carries the nerve out of the C5 vertebrae. This bone spur is hitting the nerve and agitating it. As of now, surgery is the only option. This surgery is then further complicated by the fact that my hardware in my neck will need to be removed. Oh joy, oh joy.

    Just thought that I would share this because what sometimes may start out or feel as being neuropathic pain may actually have a root cause upon further investigation. Good luck in finding some relief.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragersilver View Post
    I use serotonin cream along
    what is this serotonin cream?

    and has anybody had any luck with cbd oils to reduce the nerve pain? thc skyrockets the pain and makes me not smoke anymore. but I am interested to see if the cbds would help at all

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    I was taking serotonin tablets until they gave me the runs but I got great relief from my neuro pain from them it was amazing, then I read you can buy the cream but I could not find it.
    I now make my own by crushing up finely and mixing 1/4 of a tablet with 250ml of aqueous soap free cream and just rub a little bit into the palm of my hands 3 times a week just before bed, it helps my neuro pain and also my prostate pain and also gives you an amazing nights sleep.
    This bypasses the gut and will not cause the runs like the tablets do, I am not condoning that you should do what I do but it works for me and I don't care what health professionals say about what I am doing they are not the ones in agony...................

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    Also get a Vitamin D blood test done as mine was low and i found that if your Vitamin d is low it adds to your neuro pain,it would not hurt to take vitamin D everyday anyway as it is also good for bone health which is lacking in most SCI patients.............

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    Hello went from the east coast to the desert of Nevada , some of the joint pain has been better , having a none union tho is still a killer on any rough surface. . "ie"sideways riding in a car , even just hitting a bump with my smart drive causes pain..
    The never pain is worse here I feel do to its a 100 degrees here , thermal regulator doesn't work , so they over heated feeling adds to the burning hell...
    Upped my Gabapentin by 400 MG HATE brain significant change in pain , spending alot if my time laying down , this fucking bullshit sucks , so sick of this..
    Feel my neuro surgeon gave up on me , nice how doctors can just walk away leaving me with a major problem.. no fusion , means no quality of life.. everything causes pain to do.. now that I've had my second surgery in 4 years I'm kinda doubting I'm going to be able to find a Dr. To help me .. it's a toss up on what's worse at times , dealing with this or the frustrating politics of Dr.s. and their egos ,,
    Never believe what A doctor may say , always seek out they answers for yourself.. hard to find a doctor who won't bullshit you in they end when you reach his or her level of expertise. .

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    As for vitamin D ,,,, FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH is 85 % silica converts back to vitamin D the best with in the body.. has many many good properties for the body..
    Will help with uti's
    Will help lower cholesterol level by 40 to 60 points
    Will help clean out the colon
    Will kills pest in the digestive system.
    Also known to boost energy levels.
    Check it out ... must be food grade diatomaceous earth. .

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    My fusion hardware was removed in 1987, the MRIs could not see my spinal cord because of those metal wires. So, my neurosurgeon at the time recommended doing a laminectomy of C-5 so he could take a look at my damaged cord, and see if if he saw a syrinx (he did not.) I've had no problems without the hardware, and MRIs are able to see my damaged area with no problem.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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