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Thread: Most affordable Segway wheelchair adaptation

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    sorry nonoise, missed the steering column question. In general when riding a segway, you control forward/backward movement with shifting the weight to the front or back. The segway responds really well. Evene if you are seated and you lean slightly you start moving.
    If you want to turn you move the steering column. In videos where people stand up riding the segway you often see them leaning to the left or right. That's just to be able to go quicker through the turns, they balance their body that way. When you sit down the feeling is different.

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    I am just starting research into the Segway, and noticed there is a new i2SE. Is there any issues with the new model and the conversion or is it basically the same for our purposes?

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    for the Blumil it's the same. The platform hasn't changed. The visible difference is in the steering column.

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    Here's a video of a new, detachable steering column that lifts out:

    I'm curious about your opinion.

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    I was wondering how people with different disabilities will be able to use the Blumil. I already had people with tetraplegia try it out. Now, I had a chance to give it to someone with muscular dystrophy. The results were amazing! Have a look for yourself:

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