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Thread: Anyone Ever Use VRBO?

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    Anyone Ever Use VRBO?

    Anyone ever use this website ?

    Vacation Rentals By Owner. Apparently wheelchair accessible vacation rentals around the world....many of them are outrageously expensive but also looks like there is something for everybody.

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    You'll want to talk with the owner because they decide whether it is accessible or not. Some we have laughed at that are clearly not wheelchair accessible and others are right on. Pictures help too. We've rented two places via VRBO and both were just great!

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    Wheelchair accessible means very different things to different people. I have used them a bunch but know exactly how wide you have to be and add an inch. Get them to measure doors and make sure they measure the usable opening not just the jam. Depending on the hinge it can take up another 2+ inches. There is no basis for accessible and I frequently find steps in houses supposably accessible. The filter is a good starting point but cover your bases and then do it again.
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    We have used VBRO and airbnb - when traveling with my wife I send these requirements to owners

    I am in a manual wheelchair and am completely unable to walk. My wife and I would like to consider your facility if it can meet the following requirements:
    1) No steps or maybe one step to reach the apartment and no steps (one step 5 cm or less does not count) within the apartment - elevators to reach any floor beyond ground level that I need to access. Elevators (if needed) must be at least 71 cm wide - narrowest opening and at least 110 cm long..
    2) My chair can fit through an opening that is 69 cm wide - no door that I need to pass through should have an opening narrower than this. The opening to the bathroom is especially critical as these are frequently narrower. If a chair cannot be rolled in a straight line from the bathroom door to the a point touching the toilet. there must be space to turn.
    3) Any space within the room - especially the bathroom must be at least 71 cm wide and if a turn is required wider (ideally no turns would be required in the bathroom);
    4) Sufficient space around the toilet to place a chair over it;
    5) A bed with a 71 cm wide unobstructed space on one side of the bed. If the bed is either unusually high or unusually low please send me the height. I won’t have problems with most typical bed heights.

    These are my requirements - canabilities will vary - I recommend getting pictures - especially of the bathrooms - they are likely to be the biggest issue

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