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Thread: Clonus is making my husband CRAZY!!!

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    Don't ask me why because I can't explain it but the best thing I have found for my spasms is percocet. I take 4 throughout the day and they keep my spasms under control better than any other med I have tried, and I have tried almost all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Proning (laying on your stomach) is a great way to inhibit and control flexion spasm, spasticity, and clonus. Just be sure that the feet are off the end of the mattress with no pressure on them at all when proning (and kept in a neutral position). Certainly worth a try.

    Valium can help some, but most studies show that its most significant effect on spasticity is making the person using it not care as much if they have spasms/spasticity...
    I probably should have added that I have gotten to where I sleep prone the entire night. One pillow to elevate my left or right side at the shoulder and another at my head to make a pocket for breathing. I had never heard that about Valium. I intentionally cycle off every now and then so that I can keep the dosage the same. I can tell a huge difference after two days of not taking it. Baclofen made me feel terrible. I think I've been on Valium at night for about 5 years now with consistent results and no side effects. Cheap too, my 90 count diazepam bottle costs me less than a dollar.

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    I have had good results with reduced night time spasms with 4AP, maybe that would help with clonus too. I never had this problem when I was walking full time with crutches but after a few years in a wheelchair it has become an issue keeping me awake at night.
    "The prospects for a cure today are better than they were yesterday."

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    So, what actually is "clonus"?
    I get this thing where my legs "bounce" on the footrest of my wheelchair every once in a while. Then sometimes when I lay in bed, my leg will start shaking or just my foot will shake. Are those a result of "clonus"?
    I also get this thing where my leg will raise up and rotate and my foot will curl inward and this at times can be painful. Looking at my leg in a position where it is all crazy and not normal, I would imagine would hurt like hell id I had feeling. Freaks my kids out, they say all the time that a leg doesn't normally bend that way. I'm guessing that is more of a spasm?

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    Clonus is a reflex that is a spasmodic alternation of muscular contraction and relaxation., usually seen in the calf muscle reaction when the foot is sharply bent upwards towards the thigh and held in mid position.


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    why does it usually happen at night? It doesn't matter what position my feet are in.
    I use clonazapam, which is related to valium. I take it only a few nights a month when it gets so bad I can't get to or stay asleep. I think its only 1mg, but sometimes I need two.
    Its worse on patch changing days than when my patch has kicked in, and sometimes when the spasms are bad, so is nerve pain, and always it's at night.

    Im interested in the magnesium oil. and does that work for anyone else?

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