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Thread: Mobility SVM SUV Conversion

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    Mobility SVM SUV Conversion

    I'm very happy to see that Mobility SVM is now converting the Suburban and Yukon XL. I know that ATC was already doing these conversions and I'm interested to see if there are any differences in their designs. On their website, it says driver side conversions can accommodate up to 29" wide wheelchairs. That sounds great but I'm thinking the front casters must be narrower because it still looks like the pan narrows towards the front. What I don't like is that their website says only 54.5 inches of headroom. That's less that the ATC conversion and I need every inch I can get. I am excited, though, because my local accessibility dealer works with SVM, whereas they don't with ATC. It would just make the process much easier for me.

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    Man, I just keep waiting for the SUV conversion that I want. I called them today and they confirmed that it has a maximum of 54.5 inches of headroom. I need a few inches more. Bummed. Looks like I'm sticking with my van for a while longer.

    Oh, and then I called ATC and they tell me that they're currently NOT making ANY SUV conversion for the driver side. News to me. I know they told me just a couple of months ago that they did.

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