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Thread: C-5 bathtub

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    The tub we are looking at is a clawfoot style Tom with enough clearance that the lift will glide underneath it. I'm 5 foot eight roughly 180 pounds (depending on the time of year) and have definitely taken the combination of water and pressure on my backside into consideration. I have a couple of friends were pretty handy perhaps buying one of the above bath chairs and finding a way to reinforce them in a couple of spots so they hold more weight would be the way to go. Thanks for your help everyone!

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    I am a caregiver for my future father-in-law. He is 89 and had a series of strokes, leaving him unable to use his left side. He has macular degeneration and hearing loss. The man is amazing. One day he mentioned how much he would love to have a real bath again. I searched for 2 years before I lucked into a Craigslister posting a Parker bath by Arjo-Huntleigh and it is incredible. Here is their website that explains it better than I would.
    I will add, the person who was selling it posted as a "one man hot tub". Of course I had to check that out! I also want to mention the creative way we use it. We did not do a bathroom remodel. We literally have it in a large space that accommodates his lift easily. Rather than hooking it to plumbing, we have a hose hook up that is rated for hot water as well so that we can fill it easily. We have flat drain tubing that we got at Lowe's that allows us to simply drain it anywhere. What makes this so wonderful is that we put the tub on sliders, move it where we want it, fill it up, get him settled in, and let him enjoy. If he wants to watch television or listen to music, etc., no problem. We get him out as the water is draining, no waiting for it to finish.

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