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Thread: Need a Mr. Fix-it

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    Need a Mr. Fix-it

    I fish from a boat-a lot, and I fish in the ocean from spring to Thanksgiving. I live in the northeast. I don't use my w/c because the center of gravity is too high and it is prone to tip as waves build. Also, there isn't much room to fish in the stern and big w/c wheels would present a hazard to the other guys.

    I fish from a deck chair, which is lower, but stationery. It doesn't take up much room. The problem: I want to put small casters with locks on the chair so that it will be mobile, but won't add too much height. I also need to lock it down while I am fishing so that it won't move. If I can pull this off, I can move around the boat as necessary or get out of the weather when it is too wet or too cold. Without casters the deck chair won't move and I have to do 4 transfers to get from the chair to the cabin. I'm getting too old for all those transfers and transferring is dangerous when the ocean gets gnarly.

    I've done internet searches, but haven't been able to find the casters I need. Once I do, I think I will be able to get a machinist to weld them on to the chair. I really need casters with locks that will hold well even if the deck gets wet. Any ideas?

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    Those should work. The reviews for the more expensive set are good. I wouldn't weld them as I'd expect instead to replace them as a safety issue every spring due to expectant rust caused by the ocean salt water.
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    Graingers is a little expensive but should have a large selection

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    Might work. I'm looking at a transport chair made by Drive Medical. If I can get 3" instead of 6" wheels/casters, no foot rests, and an anti-tipper, it looks like a good possibility, too.

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