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Thread: Another Sienna Braun conversion Ramp question

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    Another Sienna Braun conversion Ramp question

    The new motor and repairs we got yesterday are working well. Maybe, too well.

    When we got the van new in 2009, my husband could lower the ramp onto a street curb without problems. This allowed him to park in front of our house where the concrete path from the front door met the sidewalk. He'd been disembarking the van this way for 6 years.

    With the new motor and tweaks from the van repair shop, an alarm sounds and the ramp retracts to the upward position as soon as it touches the curb. The mechanic told us that it was supposed to be doing this all along and that the ramp has to be deployed in the fully down position

    Not that there aren't bigger problems in the world but he's now got to park in the driveway and we take turns pulling the cars out when we leave the house.

    Is there any way to over-ride the sensor so it wont retract when it hits the street curb (which it probably considers an obstruction?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2drwhofans View Post
    ...clip...Is there any way to over-ride the sensor so it wont retract when it hits the street curb (which it probably considers an obstruction?)
    AI will probably give you a better answer than this. But there is likely a switch near the grounding contact location that you would need to find. It's normal position is either open or closed, that is the two wires are either normally wired together, (most likely) or are apart until an obstacle is encountered. Unhook them from the switch and try it both ways. I'd start with them connected. If you have a multimeter you can determine the normal position of the switch after pulling the wires.
    The issue as I see it is that when the ramp hits an unmovable object without stopping, the motor has no choice but to push the van back UP out of the way which could lead to early motor failure.
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    unfortunately, when this happens, I have to ask somebody to hold up the lip of the ramp up before it touches ground, (so that it doesn't get caught or end up returning back up after the alarm sounds). this is a safety feature. it does this especially when the ramp descends on grass or some uneven surface, or like you mentioned when it drops on a raised sidewalk. When parking against a raised sidewalk, I disengage the kneeling feature so that the ramp doesn't dig into the ground by getting too low.

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    Sounds like a easy adjustment.

    Bring it back to the dealer and tell them whats going on.

    They should be able to get it squared away in a few min.

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    Thanks to all.

    This morning, he figured out that if he pressed the keychain button for opening the sliding door/ deploying the ramp a SECOND time while the ramp was going down, the ramp did not bounce back when it touched the curb.

    Good news as it's a lot less of an incline.

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