I apologize in advance if I've missed this info on the boards, I have spent this last week scouring for info so I'm not such a newbie, alas I feel there are still things that will just take time, to pickup on.
I have my chair eval tomorrow and the plan is to ask for the lightest Tilite adjustable chair insurance will allow because of my medical conditions,however, I realize just because it's advertised as the latest greatest weight doesn't mean I'll be able to spin my chair on my finger like a Harlem Globetrotter.

I'm a SideStix gal who was swept off her feet, into her back up chair, a 15yr old Invacare Patriot SL. It's good for figuring out my measurements, but I'll be happy to return it to the land of the millennium bug.

If a solid back is needed I realize that adds to weight, do all ADI backs fold down? Wheels,I've done a bit of research on hand rims, I have spasms and have limited grip, I believe Spinergy Flexrims or Out Front Surge/LT will work for me, weight opinions?

I'm lost on tires, I want pneumatic, and Marathons look versatile,but I've read countless times heavy,what is a lighter alternative to Marathons? Brakes, D-brakes seemed like a no brainier, but I can't seem to find any weight info on them vs say scissor brakes.

Thank you so much in advance for helping out this rookie!