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Thread: Trialling New Chairs

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    Trialling New Chairs

    So, I am going to trial some new chairs next week and am just wondering if anyone has suggestions on what to try? I currently have a TiLite ZRA and I do really like it, but, want to go armed with knowledge and an open mind.

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    I just switched from a ZRA, which I liked, to a TR. The two feel pretty much the same except the TR has no flex in the front like ZRA did.

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    Remember that a lot of the feel of the chair when you're in it will be the set up. Try not to judge the chair by how well the demo version is set up to you.

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    For me personally, 'trialing' chairs is pretty much worthless. The demos are usually not the correct size, dump, options, whatever. However, I still have gotten chairs to LOOK at and examine. Some I do not even sit in.
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    Really like the invacare T7a, or if you no that you will never need to adjust your bucket, the top end terminator or t6.

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