For the past 8 out of 10 years I have been in and out of a wheelchair due to leg weakness. It was not until about 5 years ago I was diagnosed with spinal AVM. They could not do surgery because of the location and that it was for fear of rupture and was too dangerous so they left it alone. They said it appeared not to be very big. At the same time I found out that I had a bacteria that was attacking my nerves in my spinal cord. They got rid of the bacteria and I could walk better than I could in a long time! I have not used a wheelchair for 2 years now! However lately I have been feeling fatigue and in the last 2 weeks my legs have gotten a little weak but not much (worse when I walk around a lot). I went to the doctor who ordered an MRI. They said that the AVM had gotten a bigger and looked like it could rupture. However surgery in still not an option due to the location. They said that if it ruptured it should clot but would more than likely leave me a paraplegic... They told me to not walk as much as I could and use the wheelchair for most of my "walking." They are hoping that the AVM will decrease in size with just rest. However I cant find anywhere online that this is the right protocol? Have you heard of someone be put in a wheelchair to treat AVM? I have been to several doctors and they all say about the same thing... I just can't find this protocol in any of my research? HELP! Thanks.