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Thread: Power your tablet with your wheelchair?

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    Power your tablet with your wheelchair?

    the first image I get is a smoldering galaxy tablet catching my pants on fire? But really, is this even remotely feasible? I'm thinking of keeping everything direct current. No power converters or anything like that. I have 2 12Volt batteries under my butt that really don't get used very much. This sure would be a great help for a lot of people (I don't have to tell y'all that). I spent a lot of time setting my environment up to control with a "computer"? Mainly browser-based environmental control systems. I leave the tablet on all the time since I can't use my fingers to turn it on/off as I need. it would be nice to utilize the power of my chair.

    Thoughts, suggestions and other comments?


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    If you can get a 12 volt car cigarette lighter charger for your galaxy you are all set. all you would need to do is connect the charger to your 12 volt chair battery.

    $2.99 here if it is the charger for your tablet.

    A word of caution: You need to make sure you get a charger that will work with your model tablet. Samsung may use different batteries in various models that require different input voltages.
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    You would need a 24 volt to 12 volt converter because you really don't want to be drawing of of one battery.

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    I didn't think about that part…

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustyjames View Post
    You would need a 24 volt to 12 volt converter because you really don't want to be drawing of of one battery.

    I would not be concerned because it is such a small draw. Also, some car cigarette chargers work on both 12 and 24 volt car electrical systems.
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    Almost a decade ago I was A pretty good systems engineer. I keep kicking myself for not learning the basics of electricity. I really know NOTHING about How to work with it on the most basic levels. I can jump my car off and wire up my car stereo but that's it. as a southern guy I was born knowing how to do all kinds of stuff that Other people pay good money to have other people do for them. Sadly electrical work wasn't part of it

    Thanks for all of the direction!

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    Alvey makes a XLR to USB Power or Charging Adapted for Scooters and Powerchairs but of course it disables the controls of the chair when it's plunged into the charging port. About $25.
    Maybe somewhere to start., discuses this also.
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    This is what I got.
    It can accept 24V (or 12V) input, so you can connect it across both batteries if you wish. If you are getting one with a USB port, be sure to find one that has over 2 Amp output. The 1 Amp ports are for phones, and are usually too little for tablets. I haven't installed it yet, but since I will be getting new batteries soon, I am hoping the DME guy will connect this at the same time.
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