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Thread: Our latest SC quad

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    Our latest SC quad

    Lacrosse this time. Lots of sadness here. Jack went to Shepherd this week.

    It looks like it will be a long road to recovery for Jack Enright, a high school junior from Chapin, S.C., who broke a bone in his neck in a lacrosse game Wednesday night.

    A teammate told local FOX affiliate WACH that the bone broke when the ball hit Enright directly in the neck.

    Enright was taken off the field on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital, where he underwent surgery around 11:30 p.m.

    His mother, Ann, released a statement on Friday. She did not explain his prognosis, but it sounds like the devasting injury will require a long recovery.
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    Sorry to learn this terrible news. Most contact sports are inherently dangerous. This does not suggest they be banned--just realize the potential for injury and be prepared.
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    Damn shame.
    I don't know the incidence of spinal injuries in HS lacrosse but it must be a tiny fraction compared to football. Many parents are not letting their children play football these days because of concussions and SCI. There must be many, many concussions in lacrosse also.

    Our friends started a much needed foundation for spinal injured HS football players in Texas (believe there were 6 last yr)- Gridiron Heroes
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    I actually saw on news the other day, something saying, there was a pro football player, not remember name, but the guy actually said he was retiring "because HIS HEALTH AND HAPPINESS WAS MORE IMPORTANTANT THAN A GAME." Never seen something like this. Peyton Manning has had so many neck injuries and surgeries and the guy still won't quit.

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