Hi all,

New to the forum but you all seem like a pretty savvy lot, so hoping for some helpful feedback. I'm looking to buy an electric bike attachment (full electric) for my TiLite Aero T. Will be taking it with me in a Sprinter based motorhome that is modified for wheelchair use. I'll be traveling alone so looking for something to extend my range once I set up at a campsite or rv park. Want to take advantage of the many bike paths in State and National parks and also be able to go places without having to unhook the MH every time to drive anywhere. Taking a tow vehicle is just too much logistically for me to handle at this stage in my life. I also currently have a Smart Drive MX1+ and that's helped to save what's left of my rotator cuffs but it has its limitations in terms of negotiating varied terrain and distance travel.

So, given that context I have been looking at either the Firefly or the Stricker Lipo Lomo. The Firefly is about $2K and the Stricker runs about $5K. Clearly, I like the price point of the Firefly vs the Stricker, and their specs, at least, look similar on paper. Trying to determine what the extra $3K gets you. Info greatly appreciated. I've searched Forum threads and found a fair amount of feedback on the Firefly, mostly in urban use conditions, but little on how it functions in more rural or rustic conditions. Also, have found little feedback on the Stricker Lipo Lomo in general. I also see that Stricker makes a beefier ElectroGlide with extended range and a bigger all-terrain tire that might just be what I'm looking for, but at $6.5K that is just beyond my budget. Even $5K is pushing my budget to the max.

So, have any of you have experience with both or either of the bikes mentioned, particularly under the conditions I described? Particularly interested in feedback on the Stricker since there seems to be generally less info out there. Thanks in advance for any info you can share and my apologies for rambling on, but wanted to give your as much info as possible regarding my needs, intended uses, and research so far. Thanks, and look forward to hearing from people. Jim