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Thank you, Alan. I'll suggest it to her. Her problem is trying to convince her mother's physician to write a letter of necessity for one. He claims that there is little benefit to using a turning mattress over just a lal mattress. She's unable to turn on her own and she is trying to avoid having to go to a nursing facility for her care.
Turning is certainly better than not turning. I hope she can get the prescription.

My doctors willing to write me the prescription, but that apparently serves no purpose without an open stage IV sore, and I prefer mine stays closed (which is why I'd like Medicare to cover new mattress, because what I have now is an alternating pressure mattress. So far, so good, knock wood, but that's not as good as turning.)

Even though I actually have a friend who owns numerous nursing homes, I would not like to have to go to one. Over dependent at home because over dependent in a nursing home by far.