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Thread: Spring finally might be here. At last, a day over 30 degrees.

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    Spring finally might be here. At last, a day over 30 degrees.

    So on the sunny Sunday March 8, I was heading for the Subway sandwich shop in the local shopping center in my speedy Permobil C500. A slender, gray-haired 50-something woman smiles at me and says...


    "Wow! Even YOU are out today."

    Yeah, Toots. We hideous mutants of the indoors need a little fresh air once and a while. I wanted to abduct her to the nearest church steeple so I could holler, "Sanctuary!!!"

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    Maybe she was talking about the sidewalks. You would have needed tank treads to go anywhere around here this winter.
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    You folks up in New England have had a rough one this year.
    I'm sitting here in NJ listening to the rain this morning. Temp is set to go up past 50 today.
    I always hold off celebrating until March 14th because I always recall the blizzard of '93 that dumped about 2 feet of snow on the weekend of March 13th.
    Looks like spring is here!
    BTW - happy Pi day!

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