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Thread: Crutch walkers: what do you use?

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    Crutch walkers: what do you use?

    I had a pair of QuickStep forearm crutches from Arbincare. I was euphorically happy with them. Alas, one of them broke in two on Saturday, just above the handgrip. And there I was, on the floor, in the middle of a busy railway station, in a city far enough away from home that I couldn't simply call a buddy to come get me. That was ... a rather sobering lesson in helplessness that I neither need nor want to experience again.

    Arbincare doesn't make the QuickStep anymore, and even if they did, at this point I'm not sure I would trust another pair of those. I need something else that's *extremely* sturdy (I basically "hang" in my forearm crutches with nearly all of my weight). Preferably indestructible.

    I know about SideStix. Anything else I should consider?
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    Says those crutches aren't recommended for everyday use?

    If strength is an issue, what about some solid titanium fettermans? Custom height without movable parts is going to be the strongest

    For me cost was a big issue, and with my joint issues full body I went with millennial forearm crutches but I'm not a very active user. They've held up remarkably well for the price IMO. 2 sets since 2008, and mostly because of the shock not working as well. Only thing that ever broke was a plastic piece that wrapped around and I just glued it once and removed it another time.
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    Hi Saranoya, nice to see you! That's awful about the QuickStep breaking. I am still a fan of WalkEasy, mine have held up for years and all I've had to do is replace the tips a couple of times. I'd love to have a set of SideStix, but other financial commitments continue to loom large.
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    My Dad was pretty happy with his WalkEasy's for the money, but he wore them out --- he hangs/leans on them like you do and he's big (6' 2"). But he loves his Sidestix. Indestructible. If they last for the rest of your life, maybe they are worth it? His insurance paid for them.

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    If they last for the rest of my life ... yeah, tempting.

    These need to come out of my own pocket, though. And if I'm going to spend the SideStix or Fetterman kind of money (again), I'd like to be sure they will last me at *least* a solid decade. But I don't see much of a way around it. Never, ever do I want to find myself in an unfamiliar environment with a broken crutch again. Horror!
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    Hey, sorry about getting to this post late. Eventually I was lucky, my walk easy lasted me 10 yrs before I moved to SideSticks (lighter and I needed an ergo handle). In my SideSticks research I also ran across Ossenberg crutches. They're foldable, and carbon fiber too. I don't have personal experience with them, but have read blogs of those who do.

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