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Thread: transfer quad

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    transfer quad

    I am c6c7 been transfer fine fo years I got a tilie tr transfers from chair to van tough my legs hang up on front of chair, I had 1 of the orginal ti lites I don/t remember

    the front sticking out so far in front of my legs.

    also help Ideas today all my transfers were horrid . I literaly could not transfer I just final gave up and threw myself over it was ugly 6 ugly transfers. it was like I could

    not get my rear up it was like the legs and butt just clamped down

    any ideas

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    I find that if I scoot my butt forward 3 to 5 inches, take the foot furthest from the seat I am transferring to and scoot the other so that it is half off the footrest before I start my transfer. That way, it is easier to get my butt up and over to the other seat. If I put both feet on the floor, they drag my knees down and I can't get enough lift to clear the seat and tire.
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