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    Do anyone know or know of loan morgtage companies, loan companies and different resources for people with disab?? I have credit, no bad credit at all.

    So if anyone know of a company for a mortgage loan that's lenient.

    I see advertising for payments of $400
    Basically, A guarantee loan.

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    Do not know about advertisements. However, I did refinance my home a few years ago. Was disabled Still am No issue with refinance. Did have fine credit. Only person on loan as well as the house. Not sure but I think bans will want to make sure whatever kind of cash you are receiving will cover the extent of the loan and what other requirements the bank may have.

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    There aren't any "special" loans for people with disabilities. Just use whatever bank has best rates and closing costs. All you need is down payment and proof of income that shows you can make payments and not too much other debt. nothing different than anyone else
    Most lenders can give pre-approval quotes based on what you have for down payment and what you want for monthly payments, however, there is no "guarantee" until papers are signed at closing

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    If you are purchasing property hopefully you have a real estate agent you are working with that you are very comfortable with. They will probably have a mortgage banker they prefer to work with, so ask them. Do not use an out-of-state broker, no matter how much sunshine they blow. I made that mistake recently, they would have cost me my purchase if it hadn't been for the aggressiveness of my real estate agent.

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