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Thread: Soft cushions?

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    I have a vicair vector cushion, full sensation. Its very comfortable!
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    I've sat on Rohos for quite a few years and they've held up well.
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    I never managed to pop a Roho with spatter, but it certainly screwed up my gel cushion! (ruined)

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    Thanks, all. I'm wonderinf how the Jay cushions hold up (their gel pad vs. the rohos... which is more durable?) Also, are they soft? The J2 (I believe it is) looks interesting to me..

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    i was given a roho because if high risk of marking apparently so i never chose any cushion like gel but from what ive been told they are heavy, i might try the vicair as it seems light and if it gives similar relief as the roho ill take it, plus if its light enough i can leave it attached to the chair when i put it in the car (1 less thing to take apart)

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    Quote Originally Posted by parashooter View Post
    he said softest not hardest.

    I sold my supracor because it was uncomfortable and caused a scar to get red again. went back to roho but would like to change to a less fragile cushion too. that vicair looks interesting, anyone using them have any history of skin breakdown prior to use?
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    Regarding "Soft cusions" and "... now have a roho ... need something that won't pop holes ..."

    Cushions that exhibit valved-air structures (for example: most Roho wheelchair cushions, the Star wheelchair cushions, etc.) are among the softest types of cushions. Non-valved air type cushions (for example: the Vicair Adjuster wheelchair cushion, the Vicair Vector wheelchair cushion, etc.) are also among the softest types of cushions, yet do not exhibit a catastrophic failure mode in the event of a puncture.

    If you like the valved-air structure of your Roho, but prefer to avoid the associated catastrophic failure mode in the event of a puncture, then the Star Stabil-Air wheelchair cushion would be a suitable candidate.

    Please note; however, that all primary cushion structures employing air and gel (or non-newtonian fluids) exhibit varying degrees of weakness when subjected to punctures. The cushion structures immune to punctures are; presently, also the more firm cushions (for example: the Stimulite Smart wheelchair cushion and other honeycomb cushions, foam-only cushions, etc.).

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