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Thread: Mom has new C6 incomplete injury Help!

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    Doctor at Health South told me never move ankles. They wanted put these custom built braces on legs that went all the way up to hip. They was no movement allowed in ankle on brace. Knee had a lock that could be open or close. went all the way to them having the braes built and they even had crazy things on my legs 1-2X. When I finally understood the braces, I basically told them I do not want them or therapy. This a few years ago. Anyhow, since then, I do now have calves working in both legs and slowly getting ankle movement. What is said here regarding Health South not too experienced surely matches them telling me my plan is better than theirs.

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    Thank you I had heard of the tecla but was wondering if anyone has used one and how complicated is it to set up and use?

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    Tecla is a switch you can buy to hook up to an ipad or iphone so you can use your ipad hands free.

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    Stacy66 I don't know your function level or technical abilities so it isn't fair to say how easy it is to set up. The easy part is you just plug into a power source to get it running, no wiring or anything. The difficult aspect is setting it up for your own needs. What I can do though is give you the manufacturer user guide for set up and you can take a look.

    KLD tecla is a switch control that allows voice over and various control options such as sip and puff for iPad and iPhone

    disclosure: I work for verizon and this information is my own opinion and experience and is not affiliated with verizon

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    Stacy66, my husband received care at Barrows in 2013. They did an excellent job at educating us on all aspects of the care he would need. He had great OT and PT. His 80 year old mother travelled daily from Goodyear to Barrows. After the first couple trips there, she felt comfortable making the trip. I was able to stay over night with him any time I wanted. Some spouses stayed with the patients 24/7. We continue to see Dr Linke, his rehab doctor. We highly recommend Barrows for SCI if you choose to stay in the Phoenix area.

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