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Thread: Still battling the excruciating pain on my back

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    Still battling the excruciating pain on my back

    I actually got injured when I tried the modified workout of Shaun T while doing the Total Body Circuit, three weeks ago. Got over stretched and fell on the floor really bad. I am working as a staff in a home care. Now, I can't fully help myself because I am caring some patients. Most of the time, I forgot to treat myself with conditioning practice. And yes, right now, I am severely pained, especially now that I am sitting. But when I do all the tasks and keeping myself occupied, I just tend to ignore the pain. Whenever I am resting, I could feel the throbbing pain on my back. Can someone suggest the atypical things to mend the sore?

    P.S. A recommendation to have a leave of absence from work is not considered. I dearly love my patients. I just can?t handle leaving them alone or aiding them with my other co-workers.

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    Your profile says you have a spinal cord injury, but it sounds like you have a musculoskeletal injury only. The level of injury in your profile just has your pain score instead of your SCI level. Just wanted to clarify that our forums are really for those with SCI and other similar disabilities.

    If your physician recommended rest to manage your musculoskeletal injury, you need to take time off work. Dedication to your clients is great, but it is foolish to put your own health at risk by doing so, and could result in you permanently needing to leave your work situation.


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