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Thread: I need info for portable lift with track system

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    I need info for portable lift with track system

    Does anyone know of any lift systems for a quad with a track that I could attach to my ceiling for transferring from bed to wheelchair?
    I don't want a regular hoyer lift because there is no room in my house.
    Thanks in advance
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    What you are looking for is called a ceiling track lift. Do you own your home? There are a number of companies that do these, and all will have someone come to your house and help you design a system and give you a bid. If you can't attach to the ceiling joists (such as in a rental) there are also free-standing track lift systems available, such as the Arjo-Huntleigh EasyTrack.

    Look at some of these companies who specialize in home (vs. institutional) installations:

    Barrier Free:
    Waverly Glen:

    These companies specialize in institutional installations but some will also do home installs:
    Liko (now owed by Hill-Rom):


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    Thanks KLD, I live in a house. My mother owns it.
    Yes I'm looking for a portable ceiling track lift, that will attach to a beam.
    I'm not looking for a free standing lift, All I need is about 6-8 feet of the rail system. No bends just straight.
    I can have a friend that is a handyman install it for me, I've looked at the links but these lifts are weird, not the same I've seen at the hospitals/
    There is also no pricing on these web sites ;/
    What do you think about voyager or maxisky, if I bought that plus rail system
    or this one
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    Both are good lifts, but I am not sure they can be used for in-home installations. You need to contact the local vendor (through the manufacturer is the best way to do this) and get an estimate/bid for your set up for pricing. Installation can be tricky, so I would hesitate to have someone who has never done such an installation before do it for me. My mother's was installed by the vendor.


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    If you want to drive to Ohio here is a Guardian portable lift on ebay. Saves you lots of money.

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    Actually here is a cheaper one and its in IL.

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