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Thread: Oracing stuff thread

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    Oracing stuff thread

    I have decided to put here everything about Oracing that I think it could be interesting, this way I will not create a lot of threads about the Brand, and all will be in this one.

    I will start with this mtb handbike with electronic assistance for quads, which you can shoose 5 different assistance levels, customer have decided where he want brake levels, kind of levels, etc., so each one with high levels could need different things in different sides, but no problem, it`s a custom bike.
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    Who told fendered side guards aren`t foldable?Name:  1508555_10153106855574664_4552825247853857782_n.jpg
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    Here are a few pics of a Oracing box frame in titanium, why all that tubes? ask to the customer, he want it like that, you named they will do it.Name:  11011031_10153187121644664_4190128060066155888_n.jpg
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    Titanium box frame with Topolinos
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