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Thread: Seeking independence

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    Please consider recontacting the Center for Independent Living!! Are you sure you contacted one dealing with independent living for persons with a disability? That's what those centers are for. Suggest you call them to determine if that's what they do and set up appointment in person to discuss transitioning into your own apartment, home, etc.. Push the issue. Some "centers for independent living" are different organizations set up for elderly only. Centers for Independent Living for disabled were set up after Federal legislation, I believe under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 - I was politically active for passage of the Act.
    Also, Google the name Ron Mace. He and his wife were well-known disability activists in North Carolina many years ago and as a paralyzed architect, he advocated for Barrier-Free housing. Hubby and I lived in NC for two years - met him once in his office in Raleigh.
    I know you can get a place of your own!
    Thank you so much for your input. I contacted the Independent living which was connected to vocational rehab. I will find out if it was the correct organization or not. Thank you again I will look up Ron Mace.

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    Good for you for trying to figure it out. I wonder if Vocational Rehab might be able to assist if you went to work or school. I think if you went away to college they would pay for attendant care while you are a student. Don't know if it is an option.
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    Just to clarify, having worked for voc. rehab. (state organization receiving federal funds) for many years, a person had to be involved in a vocational goal of some kind to receive assistance for schooling or job seeking assistance. Their task is not directly helping a person transition into independent living but sometimes they work closely with Centers for Independent Living (separate organization). I worked with many quadriplegic clients. Some of their jobs were, for example, salesperson, engineer, program assistant, congressional aide (he moved from parents home to Washington, DC to take the job), store manager, Recreation Therapist, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leothelion View Post
    I get three hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. It is funded through Medicaid. My father does not get paid to be a part of my care. My primary source of income is SSDI. I currently do not work and I'm going back to school. I am seeking a job currently though. I can afford an apt. I don't know if I have any friends who may.

    I have not applied for section 8.

    I am a C-5 C6. I am able to feed myself and I can get food out of the fridge raider and prepare my own nails. I usually sleep through the night. I get put in the bed at one and get woken up at 9 AM. I haven't had a bedsore and I've done this routine for years.
    Are you worried you won't be able to live on your own with your function, or are you asking more about the logistics of how you go about getting your own place?

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