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Thread: Seat base conversion Velcro to CF

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    Seat base conversion Velcro to CF

    I am going to convert seat base from adjustable Velcro to CF. This is on a TR3. Current has wood insert inside cushion to increase firm. Question on dimensions I am to tell ADI regarding width. Current sling base does NOT extend/mount beyond outer edge of WC frame. #1, am I to ensure the CF base is NOT cut to extend beyond WC frame width? #2 when I tell them width to be cut am I DO INCLUDE the CF edging cover. I recently got a new chair, not regarding this question, but that chair does have CF side guards. It does appear the new chair side guards has a larger width of the CF cover that my older chair. Any information would be helpful. If new seat is cut too big I can always trim that down, but if too small, that would be trouble.

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    The CF seat around .5" narrower than your seat witdh

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